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​What are low wealth communities and how are they formed?

Are public and private entities devoting adequate resources to address the needs of low wealth communities?

What must be done to ensure that available resources meet community-specified needs and have maximum impact?

Is the primary problem facing low wealth communities persistent poverty, or an inability to see and plan for a brighter future?

These are the just a few of the prickly questions that we will wrestle with at this year’s Social Innovation Summit. There are few who would argue with the statement that there are substantial resources dedicated to bringing about change in the lives and neighborhoods of low-wealth families. Yet, even fewer would disagree with the position that the return on those resources is not what most would hope to see.
So what can we do differently to truly make a difference?

On October 30th, at the Lod Cook Alumni Center, we will gather together to co-identify ideas and co-create innovative responses that hold the promise of disrupting the status quo! In what promises to be a highly charged, fast paced and invigorating environment, people from all walks of life will gather together to share in this experience. Executives and board members from nonprofits, teams and staff from corporations, elected and governmental officials, philanthropists and just concerned citizens will contribute their collective intellectual and emotional energy to bringing forth a different mindset on how low wealth communities are viewed and engaged.

And as is the case with the five Summits before, we will be joined by some very special friends. First among these are past and present Fellows with the Advanced Leadership Initiative at Harvard. This wonderful group of accomplished leaders from around the world always brings a different lens through which we see our community. In addition, Dr. Leonard N. Moore will lead us in a challenging, compelling and engaging opening and closing session. Dr. Moore serves as Senior Associate Vice President of Diversity Initiatives and Professor of History at the University of Texas. He is a much sought after orator and internationally recognized as a change agent in urban communities.

At MetroMorphosis we believe that we must first think differently in order to do differently. Social Innovation Summit 6 will provide the opportunity to join with others to begin this process. Whatever your area of interest, you will benefit from being a part of this gripping and energetic experience.
Mindsets will shift…ideas will be generated…innovation will emerge…the status quo will be disrupted!

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